Our History

We started small.
(But we had a lot of help.)
Dr. Samuel Lin founded Applechem in 2003 in a tiny laboratory located within the Enterprise Development Center (EDC) of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. 
He envisioned Applechem as a pioneering company in the field of cosmetic technology, developing cutting-edge functional materials that could unlock new possibilities for cosmetic formulators. 
As one of the largest technology incubation centers in the state of New Jersey, the EDC provided an environment where the state and federal government, universities, and investors could collaborate with entrepreneurs to create young and dynamic technology companies (for more information on EDC, click here.)
For Applechem, it gave us a chance to get our feet set during those first crucial years of research and development.
The first generation of G-Block and G-gel products launched in 2006, with the Appplecare and NatureVgel product lines rolling out  few years later .
In 2016, after enjoying several years of continuous growth, Applechem moved to a larger, more expansive facility in Parsippany, New Jersey.  But even as we've transitioned from a tiny tech start-up to a stable, dependable supplier, we've never forgotten our roots as a small, spirited business with big ideas, where every personal connection represented a potential lifeline and a happy customer.