• G-Block DZ 370 CCT
  • G-Block DZ 480 CCT
  • G-Block DTB 300 CCT
  • G-Block DT 200 CCT

One of the more difficult challenges in crafting a quality natural sunscreen is the delicate balance between skin transparency, broad spectrum protection.   G-Block products are natural dispersions engineered to provide the most efficient combination of high transparency, broad spectrum protection, and SPF performance in a very stable dispersion.  This stability not only speeds up the transition from laboratory batch to large-scale production, but also helps ensure that the SPF and critical wavelength levels remain consistent from one batch to another.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely natural
  • Approved by COSMOS, ECOCERT and NPA for natural sunscreens
  • High Active solid content while retaining good skin feel and viscosity
  • Meets the FDA “Broad Spectrum” labeling requirements as well as European "COLIPA" standards
  • Great Sensory, Transparency, and High Efficacy
  • Consistent Stability - No separation or settlement, resulting in consistent SPF and critical wavelength from batch to batch
  • Easy to Dispense - No Remixing Required



White Paper, G-Block Technical Formulation Guidelines


G-Block DZ 370 CCT SDS


G-Block DT 200 CCT SDS


G-Block DTB 300 CCT SDS


G-Block DZ 480 CCT SDS