At Applechem, we harbor a service-first mentality.

We pride ourselves on cultivating a culture of collaboration, working diligently with our team—and our clients—to ensure that the passion behind our work resonates in every project we take on, no matter the scope.  Because we're not developing technologies only for the biggest and brightest brands, we're engineering consistent, broadly-effective products and solutions that help our customers of all sizes solve problems.

Our team of scientists and chemists—all with advanced degrees in chemical engineering, polymer chemistry, and organic synthesis—our experienced compounders and technicians, and our friendly, approachable sales, marketing, and customer service staff make our team easy to reach and enjoyable to work with. 

Dr. Samuel Lin

Founder, Managing Director

Shu Lin

Chief Financial Officer

Hallder Pezo

Production Manager

Dorald Staton


Dr. Xu Qin

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Chau Hyunh

Product Application Chemist

Yung Chan

Product Application Chemist II

Kyle Gormley

East Coast Sales Manager

Melissa Flynn

Customer Service Coordinator

Wilson Lin

Marketing Coordinator
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