Sorbithix L-100

Sorbithix L-100 is transformative new non-ionic associative thickener for personal cleansing formulations. It features a cutting edge "multi-arm" technology that allows it to greatly enhance thickening in all types of surfactant systems, and is designed to work effectively with modern surfactants like glutamate and isethionate.

It is the only thickener on the market that can boost and sustain viscosity in formulations containing high amounts of fragrance while still maintaining foaming properties.  

The Sorbithix Difference:

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Features and Benefits:

  • The most powerful non-ionic surfactant thickener on the market, equally as effective in both older generation and modern surfactant systems.
  • The only surfactant thickener that can functionally boost viscosity in glutamate surfactant systems without excessive usage rates or adversely affecting other formulation properties (sensory, rhealogical behavior, etc).
  • Cutting edge "Multi-arm" technology allows Sorbithix to maintain viscosity in high fragrance systems (2-3% usage rate!) without negative effects on foaming, opening up new formulation possibilities for formulators looking to boost frangrance for marketing and branding purposes.
  • Gentle, mild and non-irritating
  • Can be used in cold process production
  •  Derived from natural sorbitol
  • Low viscosity liquid, easy to use and process in large scale manufacturing
  • Contains extremely high actives at 73%.  When combined with Sorbithix's "multi-arm" technology, it allows for dramatically lower usage rates while still maintaining targeted viscosity levels.  
  • Suitable for pH ranges 4.5 - 7.5.





Sorbithix L-100 SDS


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