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Applechem is a pioneering cosmetic technology company developing functional cutting-edge materials that unlock possibilities for cosmetic formulators. Applechem supplies a diverse range of specialty ingredients and intermediates for cosmetics, personal care, and suncare formulations.

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Applechem is proud to be a part of the 2021 NYSCC Supplier's Day Preview!

Color cosmetic sales were hit hard last year due to pandemic lockdowns, but the market is prepped for a turnaround with 2021. Steady improvements in the fight against COVID-19 coupled with a gradual loosening of US mask restrictions has beauty brands revving up for a dramatic rebound in consumer spending in all makeup categories, especially for lip and facial products. Join Applechem for a preview into how color formulators can leverage new ingredient innovations, greatly reduce common formulation bottlenecks, and quickly develop new products to meet the latest shifts in this dynamic market.
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We believe sample requests should be provided generously. We understand trying, testing, and evaluating our ingredients and intermediates are all critical to your research, development, and production processes. So go ahead, ask and you shall receive.

Developing clear and high perfume oil surfactant formulations with a multi-arm non-ionic associative thickener

Perfume is an important product attribute that differentiates a given personal cleansing product from others in a crowded market. However, it remains technically challenging to incorporate a high % of perfume oil (≥ 2%) into shampoo or shower gel formulations without adverse effects on clarity, target viscosity, and foaming. This technical challenge has become more significant as the market continues to move towards skin friendly non-sulfate cleansing formulations with non-sulfate surfactants such as alpha olefin sulfonate (AOS) and mild amino-acid based surfactants such as sodium cocoyl glutamate.
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