Applechem will be exhibiting at the 2019 NYSCC Supplier's Day, May 7- 8.

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Applechem will be debuting several new material technologies at this year's Suppliers Day Show at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC.  The Clean Beauty trend has been growing by leaps and bounds in the cosmetics industry, and the Applechem team is excited about these new technologies will help formulators meet clean beauty technical requirements.  "Our new G-GEL Eco-HMS occupies a unique space in clean color cosmetics," says Kyle Gormley, Applechem's East Coast Sales Manager.  "Organoclay gels have been used for a long time to stabilize pigments in color formulas, but it's an old technology that hasn't been updated to meet the needs of the modern formulators, especially those emphasizing clean and safe sourcing." 

G-GEL Eco-HMS is designed to meet these requirements - it has an ISO 16128 Natural Origin Index Score of 0.998 (99.8% Natural), and uses proprietary production methods to create cosmetic-grade, fully exfoliated organoclay gels with a bevy of functional improvements.  "Better suspension power, stronger performance in all oils, improved stability," states Dr. Samuel Lin, managing director of Applechem.  "Formulators want ingredients that are dependable, cost-effective, and helps them meet marketing requirements.  We designed the G-GEL Eco-HMS to do just that."  

Applechem will also introducing the G-GEL Silkane, a high-performance organoclay gel for formulators looking for strong functional replacements for silicone.  The team is also excited to re-introduce Phytocare-HA, an organic snow mushroom extract that is gaining popularity in the United States as a powerful hydration active with an enhanced sensory profile over traditional hyaluronic acid.  Phytocare has passed multiple safety and clinical hydration tests, making it a great fit for clean beauty skincare formulations.  

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