Giving Control Back to Color Cosmetic Chemists

Applemol PTIS Plus is a revolutionary new pigment dispersant system designed to resolve common formulation bottlenecks in color cosmetic manufacturing.   If your product development has been stalled by viscosity fluctuations, laborious grind phases, poor pigment wetting or incompatibility, then Applemol PTIS Plus is the answer:

Boost Viscosity and Texture Control

  •     Disperse any pigment at high loads without viscosity spikes
  •     Move easily between thinner, fluid textures to thick, richer ones 
  •     Reduce negative sensory issues like drag and cakey-ness 

Superior Pigment Wetting

  •     More consistent color matching
  •     Reduce color shifting pre- and post application
  •     Boost payoff during application
  •     Improve stability and reduce synerisis 

Multi-Functional Flexibility

  •     Universally compatible with all pigment types, including organic, inorganic, coated, non-coated, effect pigments, even fillers
  •     Dramatically increase formulation space for additional hero ingredients or functional additives


Color Pigment Dispersing, Simplified


Applemol Products

Trade Name INCI
PTIS Plus Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate (and) Polyhydroxystearic acid (and) Polglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate
Request Samples

We believe sample requests should be provided generously. We understand trying, testing, and evaluating our ingredients and intermediates are all critical to your research, development, and production processes. So go ahead, ask and you shall receive.

Features & Applications of Applemol

Product Primary Application Secondary Application Features
  • Color Cosmetics - Eye, Face, Lip formulations
    Combination pigment dispersant system & emollient; Offers all benefits of PTIS as an emollient, as well as highly efficient pigment wetting; Produces low viscosity pigment dispersions with high pigment content; Compatible with all pigment types and common powder fillers
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