Powerful Natural Hydration with a Rich Ancient History

Phytocare is a COSMOS-approved biological active extracted from Snow Mushrooms. It has played a prominent role in Chinese history as a celebrated ingredient in herbal, cosmetic, and culinary applications.  Unlike poorer quality food-grade snow mushroom actives, Phytocare does not contain extraneous fillers and is designed to meet the high purity and safety requirements for clinical cosmetic applications.

The Phytocare-HA CG 1M grades features powerful hydration, film forming and anti-oxidation properties, making it very suitable for anti-aging, anti-pollution, and urban defense formulations.  This natural barrier protection keeps external aggressors from coming in and skin moisture from evaporating out.  

The new Phytocare-HA CG DH extract is designed to complement the 1M grade and is designed for "deep hydration".  The biomimetic micromolecules in this polysaccaride penetrate more deeply than low molecular weight hyaluronic acid,  replenishing water in the dermis layers and providing additional nourishment to promote growth and maintenance of healthier skin.

The combination the CG and DH grades supports a “virtuous cycle” for skin wellness, combining external skin barrier protection, healthy microbiome support, improved skin hydration through deeper penetration, and stimulating skin cells to enhance natural production of healthy enzymes.  

PhytoCare-HA Products

Trade Name INCI
Phytocare-HA CG 1M Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp (Snow Mushroom) Extract
Phytocare-HA CG DH Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp (Snow Mushroom) Extract
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Features & Applications of PhytoCare-HA

Product Primary Application Secondary Application Features
Phytocare-HA CG 1M
  • All skincare formulas, from standard moisturizing lotions to clean beauty creams.
  • Mild, hydrating shampoos
  • Deep treatment conditioners
100% pure high molecular weight polysaccharide active. More flexible and softer hydration film on skin with preferred sensory. Delivers long-term hydration and anti-oxidation benefits. Strong tolerance for a wider ranges of temperature, pH, and salt.
Phytocare-HA CG DH
  • Dermaceutical Skincare
  • Skin Wellness Formulations
  • Prebiotic Complexes
100% pure cosmetic grade micromolecule with significantly smaller molecular weight, clinically proven to penetrate twice as much as standard low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Biomimetic signaling increases growth of fibroblasts cells while boosting internal production of hyaluronic acid by nearly 10%. Microbiome friendly - Tremella polysaccharides function as a prebiotic to promote growth of popular probiotic bacteria such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.

Phytocare's Complex Polysaccharide Molecular Structure

Much like standard hyaluronic acid, Phytocare-HA CG 1M holds up to 500 times its own weight of water, creating a natural flexible hydration film on skin that restores the dry skin to its optimally hydrated and supple state, enabling it to develop elasticity and healthy appearance. 

The improvement over standard hyaluronic acid lies in the differences in molecular composition, which allow Phytocare to create a more flexible hydration film with stronger integrity while also being easier to dissolve into water.  

Clinically Proven to Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Healthy (1M Grade)

A 4 week clinical study measuring the stratum corneum's hydration state over time.  Phytocare-HA CG 1M is an extremely powerful water retention active, providing culmative, long lasting hydration replenishment to damaged skin, restoring the skin’s natural vitality and ability to resist environmental stressors.  This particular study shows that the hydration level of skin treated with Phytocare increased 2.6 times over the course of four weeks.  

This clinical study measures the stratum corneum's ability to absorb and retain water over time.   

This desorption study measures the overall strength of the stratum corneum’s barrier function, and its ability to keep water from evaporating out. Phytocare significantly lowers the desorption rate, signifying a stronger, healthier skin barrier.

A 72 hour clinical study measuring the amount of hylaronic acid secreted by cells treated with 0.125%, 0.25%, and 0.50% Phytocare-HA CG DH solutions (P < 0.05).

The results showed that the DH grade can boost the natural production of hylaluronic acid within the cells residing in the deeper dermis layer by nearly 10%, all within a relatively short time frame.  Doing so helps boost overall skin  hydration from the inside out by improving the dermis layer’s ability to store water.

A 72 hour clinical study measuring the growth rate of fibroblast cells treated with 0.125%, 0.25%, and 0.50% Phytocare-HA CG DH solutions (P < 0.05).   

The results showed a statistically significant increase in the number of fibroblast cells within the culture medium, cells which are required for skin maintenance and repair.  Enhancing the body’s ability to strengthen and reproduce cells deeper within the skin implies that the DH grade can contribute to overall skin wellness and health.

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