Sensogel 200

Sensogel 200

SENSOGEL 200™ is a pre-neutralized, acrylamide-free liquid thickener designed to impart a feathery light, “quick break” sensory during application with a velvety soft afterfeel. A robust and versatile rheological modifier, Sensogel 200 can be used to make anything from thin spray formulas to thick butters by simply adjusting the usage rate. It can also maintain strong viscosity through an extremely wide pH range, and is especially effective at low pH for formulations requiring specialized treatment actives.

Sensogel 200 Products

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Features & Applications of Sensogel 200

Product Primary Application Secondary Application Features
Sensogel 200
  • Textured skincare - body butters, lotions, cream-to-serums
  • Low pH treatment formulas - self-tanning, bleaching, skin peels and brighteners
  • Spray formulations
  • Suncare and after-sun products
  • Haircare - serums and styling agents
  • Mascara, foundations, and make-up removers
Liquid, pre-neutralized acrylate thickener. Strong stability. Sensory-focused rheological profile - creamy during initial rub-in, followed by a very quick break with fast skin absorption. Effective glycerin and polar solvent thickener. Exceptional performance at low pH.

The Sensogel Sensory Boost

Traditional Liquid Acrylate Thickeners (A)

Thickeners with poor stability are harder to disperse effectively, creating inconsistent "pockets" of viscosity that can negatively effect skincare formulation sensory.

Sensogel 200 (B)

A stable liquid thickener makes it far easier to disperse polymer actives homogenously throughout the emulsion.  When combined with Sensogel's shear-thinning focused rheology, it helps create lotions with a creamier texture during initial rub-in and a lighter, smoother sensorial profile during dry down.  

Consistent Thickening Power

Sensogel 200's thickening efficacy is 10-20% more effective than many popular thickeners in the same class.  

Competitor A INCI name: Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer (and) Squalane (and) Polysorbate 60

Exceptional Performance in Extreme pH Environments

Sensogel’s efficacy between 2.5 and 4 pH is particularly strong, which makes it very suitable for low pH treatment formulas (like whitening creams and tanning lotions) containing AHA or DHA.

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