Sorbithix L-100

Sorbithix L-100 is transformative new non-ionic associative thickener for personal cleansing formulations. It features a cutting edge "multi-arm" technology that allows it to greatly enhance thickeni...


G-Block products are natural dispersions engineered to provide the most efficient combination of high transparency, broad spectrum protection, and SPF performance in a stable, liquid dispersion.


OleoFLEX is a hybrid material comprised of natural oils and an advanced synthetic polymer blend. The result is a flexible, anhydrous structurant that has many unique applications in personal care and...


PhytoCare-HA is a completely natural analogue for synthesized, bacterially- fermented hyaluronic acid. It has a rich history in Asian culture, and is renowned for its skincare and dietary benefits.


G-gel products represent a dramatic improvement in organically modified hectorite clay. Traditionally used in cosmetic applications as a primary rheological additive to build thixotropic viscosity, A...

Applecare A-100

Applecare A-100 is an advanced dispersing system for untreated hydrophilic color pigments, allowing formulators to disperse them into oil at eye-popping concentrations.