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Applechem: Your Trusted Source for Rheology Modifiers, Dispersants, Dispersions, and More for the Beauty Industry

When we develop and supply ingredients for our clients in the beauty industry, our priority is to ensure that those ingredients are both manufacturing-friendly and formulation-ready. Our flexible and advanced cosmetic ingredient technologies are suitable for a wide range of different formulations and offer absolute consistency with each use, performing reliably and predictably from laboratory to scaling and mass production and from one cosmetic formulation to the next.

We focus on offering highly stable beauty products ingredients with a long shelf-life and no need for re-mixing, even when they are stored in your warehouse for some time prior to use. 

With a large network of distributors all around the world, we are one of the leading and most trusted beauty products ingredients suppliers.

About Our Products

What Applechem Offers Beauty Product Manufacturers

At Applechem, we produce and carry a wide range of ingredients for many different beauty categories, from skincare and sun protection through to haircare, nail care, color cosmetics, and more. We believe that our products speak for themselves. For this reason, we are generous with samples and sample sizes, allowing prospective clients to try out our products and experience their quality before making a purchasing commitment. 

Our priority is building lasting supportive partnerships with our clients. This is why we offer a holistic onboarding and customer service experience with direct access to all of our in-house experts from day one of your relationship with us.

Beauty Product Dispersants

Our Applecare line was designed to act as a super-charged dispersing aid, offering excellent distribution of color pigments or mineral particulates throughout a formulation. We utilized our understanding of polymeric coating technology to create an effective dispersing agent that offers greater stability, color intensity, and beauty products manufacturing efficiency than any other product on the market. 

Applemol represents a further development in this area, offering a stable dispersing base suitable for many different types of formulations and excellent compatibility with all pigment types.

Beauty Product Rheology Modifiers

We are specialists in polymer technology, and we apply this expertise in helping formulators alter the rheology of a given formulation. This impacts properties such as thickness, reactions when applied to the skin, how the product behaves in the bottle, and how it functions under a variety of conditions. 

We offer a number of different flexible and manufacturing-friendly rheology modifiers:

SENSOGEL™ is primarily for lotions and creams, and haircare applications. Stable in most situations and at most pH levels, it also retains the sensory properties that are highly prized in these products. 

Oleoflex, one of our founding products, was created using a new type of technology that allowed us to gel vegetable oils. This flexible, elastic gel is an ideal complement to hard and brittle wax ingredients in oil-based formulations, offering a soft sensory profile. 

G-GEL™ is our version of a bentonite powder gel used in color cosmetics, designed to create a particular type of shear-thinning rheology that allows for large amounts of color pigments and other particulates to be suspended in the formulation.

Beauty Product Non-Ionic Thickeners

Utilizing our expertise in polymer chemistry, we have developed a cosmetic thickener that can be used in shampoos, personal cleansing products, and any other products containing surfactants. Designed to help cleanse oils and dirt from the skin, non-ionic thickeners are an ideal choice because they help to preserve the viscosity of a formulation even under stress.

Sorbithix is a powerful non-ionic thickener that can work with any type of surfactant-containing formulation, including the sulfate-free cleansing products that are increasingly popular thanks to the “green beauty” movement. Sorbithix is incredibly stable, even in complex formulations such as those containing essential oils and fragrances.

Beauty Product Dispersions

Using a variety of polymeric dispersants and our decades of manufacturing expertise, we offer two pre-made dispersions incorporating zinc oxide and titanium oxide for use in suncare products. 

G-Block is a dispersion designed for clean beauty and natural beauty companies. Comprising 100% clean ingredients approved by COSMOS, Ecocert, and the Natural Product Association, G-Block also offers superior SPF performance and excellent stability. 

S-Block is designed for high-end clinical and dermaceutical brands, offering exceptional performance and a premium sensory profile. Marrying clean beauty with clinically-validated properties, S-Block offers consistent broad spectrum SPF protection.

Innovation Tailor-Made for Beauty Product Manufacturers


Commonly utilized in anti-aging, anti-pollution, and urban defense formulations, Phytocare is a hydrating snow mushroom extract. COSMOS-approved, Phytocare draws on the centuries of history of snow mushroom use in Chinese herbal, cosmetic, and culinary applications. 


Oleoflex, a flexible oil texturizer, is a hybrid material comprising an advanced synthetic polymer blend alongside natural oils. With two lines of OleoFLEX products available, the Elastomer Gel (EG) series and the Flowing Gel (FG) series, these products have numerous applications in formulations from skincare to hair and lip care. 


Primarily used in color cosmetic applications, G-GEL represents bentonite organoclay gels remastered and improved thanks to our experience with polymeric chemistry. This extremely stable gel offers best-in-class versatility and can be used with every kind of oil.

Applechem Beauty Ingredients Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages do Applechem ingredients offer over other beauty product dispersants?

In addition to their high levels of efficacy, efficiency, and stability, unlike many other products on the market our dispersants can also surface-treat a pigment while it disperses. This eliminates the need to utilize pigments which are already surface-treated, which can be costly.

Why are non-ionic thickeners important in beauty products?

Non-ionic thickeners provide a type of thickening and a quality sensory profile that is desired in a wide range of cleansing formulation types. They add more desirable textures, help to stabilize products, and preserve viscosity under a wide variety of consumer use conditions and formulation environments.

How many advantages do Applechem’s rheology modifiers provide for beauty products formulation and production?

Our rheology modifiers are extremely stable, with a long shelf-life without the need for re-mixing. They offer increased formulation stability and ease of use, allowing our customers to bring their products to market more quickly and enjoy absolute consistency in every product batch. 

Why should I use Applechem’s beauty products ingredients?

Applechem has been pioneering the development of innovative ingredients and solutions for the cosmetics industry for more than 20 years. Throughout our growth from a tiny start-up to one of the American cosmetics industry’s most dependable beauty industry formulation suppliers, we have never forgotten our roots and our core values. 

We believe in building personal relationships with our clients, offering personable and responsive customer support alongside our ethic of absolute reliability in both our products and our service. 

Are Applechem’s beauty product technologies compliant with US and EU regulations?

Yes. Any beauty products supplier must ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, and we continually review our understanding to remain up to date on the regulations governing cosmetic products and their ingredients. All our products are compliant with US legislation. In addition, all our products are registered with REACH, the regulation that governs the use of chemical products (including cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients) in the European Union.

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