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Rheology Modifiers, Dispersants, and Dispersions That Bring Out the Beauty in Your Cosmetic Products

Since our beginnings in 2003, we have grown to become one of the US’s leading suppliers of ingredients to cosmetics products manufacturers. In developing our ingredients, our priority is to create products that are both manufacturing-friendly and formulation-ready, emphasizing ease of use, flexibility, and stability. 

Utilizing our extensive knowledge of advanced technologies, we are proud to offer a range of highly stable cosmetic products ingredients which perform reliably and predictably across different formulations and as you scale up your production. Our cosmetic product dispersants, rheology modifiers, and dispersions boast a long shelf-life with no need for re-mixing. 

We work with a network of distributors around the world to supply our products to a vast array of valued clients.

About Our Products

What Applechem Offers Cosmetic Product Manufacturers

We produce and supply a wide range of ingredients for many different cosmetic products categories and are continually improving, innovating, and pushing the envelope. This means that whatever specific cosmetic product properties you are seeking, we have an ingredient that will meet your needs. 

We believe in the excellence of our products and like them to speak for themselves, allowing clients to try them out in order to make a more informed purchasing decision. For this reason, we are always generous with samples and sample sizes. 

Each of our cosmetic clients is a valued partner, and we prioritize customer service alongside technical knowledge. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer your questions from day one as part of our holistic onboarding process.

Cosmetic Product Dispersants

Dispersants, also known as dispersing aids, assist in gaining a consistent and thorough distribution of particulates or color pigments throughout a formulation. Using our knowledge of polymeric coating technology, we have created two dispersant ingredients that offer stronger stability, superior color intensity, and greater manufacturing efficiency compared to other similar products on the market. 

Applecare is our original and still highly sought-after dispersing aid, while Applemol represents the next step of development in this product line and offers a stable dispersing base suitable for most cosmetic formulation and pigment types.

Cosmetic Product Rheology Modifiers

Rheology modifiers work to alter or enhance the properties of a formulation such as its thickness, viscosity, reactions when applied to the skin, and behaviors under certain conditions. 

Our flexible and manufacturing-friendly rheology modifiers come in several different varieties, each with its own strengths and uses: 

G-GEL™ is a bentonite powder gel rheology modifier, and the best choice for color cosmetics. G-GEL™ allows for large amounts of color pigments and other particulates to be suspended in the formulation, giving a greater strength and depth of color. 

OleoFLEX, one of the first products we developed, is created using vegetable oils alongside an advanced synthetic polymer blend. As a flexible, elastic gel, it is ideal when paired with brittle wax ingredients, providing a softening effect. 

SENSOGEL™, primarily used for lotions, creams, and haircare products, retains its stability in most situations and at most pH levels and provides a soft and feathery light sensory profile.

Cosmetic Product Dispersions

As people become more aware of the dangers caused by too much exposure to the sun’s UV radiation, consumers are beginning to demand cosmetic products that incorporate suncare properties. 

We are pleased to offer two pre-made dispersion products which can be added to your cosmetic formulations to enhance the sun protective properties of your cosmetic products. These mineral ingredients utilize the natural, green, and safe ingredients of zinc oxide and titanium oxide. 

G-Block is ideal for most cosmetic products. Favored by clean beauty and natural cosmetics companies and approved by COSMOS, Ecocert, and the Natural Product Association, G-Block is a stable dispersion that offers high SPF protection and can be used in lip care and color cosmetics product formulations as well as skincare. 

S-Block is a high-performing dermaceutical ingredient utilized in clinical products, offering clinically-validated broad spectrum SPF protective properties as well as a luxurious sensory profile.

Create Stunning Cosmetic Formulations With Applechem’s Line of Quality-Focused Products


SENSOGEL™ is a flexible rheology modifier that is ideal for a number of applications from skincare and self-tanning products through to mascaras, foundations, and makeup removers. SENSOGEL™ is functional at a wide pH range and offers light and velvety soft sensory qualities. 


Snow mushrooms have been prized in Chinese medicinal, cosmetic, and culinary applications for centuries. Phytocare, a hydrating snow mushroom extract, is COSMOS-approved and ideal for use in anti-aging, anti-pollution, and urban defense formulations. 


To create OleoFLEX, a flexible oil texturizer, we combined an advanced synthetic polymer blend with natural oils. OleoFLEX comes in two variations: OleoFLEX Elastomer Gel (EG) and OlioFLEX Flowing Gel (FG), each with a wide range of cosmetic applications. 


In creating G-GEL™, we have remastered a bentonite organoclay gel and improved it by applying our advanced understanding of polymeric chemistry. This versatile and stable gel can be used with all kinds of oil and finds its primary application in the world of color cosmetics.

Applechem Cosmetics Products Ingredients Frequently Asked Questions

Why are cosmetic product formulations better with Applechem products?

We believe in making quality, flexible, and highly stable ingredients at a fair cost. By continually innovating and exploring new possibilities in our ingredients and formulations as we strive to do better, we remain on the cutting edge of cosmetic product technology.


What regulations do I need to be aware of for my cosmetic products?

Each country and territory has its own regulations and as a cosmetic products supplier, you will need to understand your obligations in each region in which you sell. 

Perhaps the most pertinent regulations in the cosmetics industry are the labeling requirements for cosmetics products. In the US, these are set by the FDA through the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. 

Do cosmetic products require FDA approval?

In the past, individual cosmetic products did not need to be submitted to the FDA for approval and evaluation unless they contained active pharmaceutical ingredients or made medical claims. However, cosmetics still needed to adhere to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act and ultimately, if there was an issue with the product that was hazardous to health, the matter was dealt with by the FDA through warnings, recalls, emergency inspections, and financial penalties.

Now, with the recent passage of the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA Act), US cosmetics manufacturers are required to register themselves with the FDA as cosmetic establishments along with adhering to annual listing requirements for their cosmetics products. While this is not what would be considered a pre-market approval process, it will ultimately help the FDA to create a database for improved traceability and enforcement.

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